Through the Eyes of a Child: Silent Journey and Discovery

West-Hills-Montessori-Vermont-St_ 28As parents, we choose Montessori for our children for a long list of reasons.  There is the development of independence and healthy self-esteem which evolves so naturally in a Montessori community; the foundation in academic subjects like Math and Language which are introduced at the child’s level of ability and interest; and, the opportunity for your child to socialize with peers and for you to meet other families who share your conscious parenting values.

But have you ever wondered what Montessori looks like through the eyes of your child?

The Silent Journey and Discovery experience is designed to allow you to view and interact with the Montessori classroom through the eyes of a child because, for a few brief hours, you get to be the child.

On a Friday evening, you’ll be invited on a Silent Journey in which you will view Montessori classrooms in a new way. You’ll experience the environments through the lens of quiet observation, gathering first impressions as your child may have done in their first hours at school.

As you take in the sensory richness and detail of the Montessori classrooms, you may experience the sense of order and sequence which so elegantly engages the children who work and play within these walls.

On Saturday, you’ll come back to the classroom and have a chance to actively engage with some Montessori lessons and materials at each level… and to discover the qualities that are so magical for your child.

Following each session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and share reflections with other parents and staff.

*WHMS hosted this event in February 2013 and October 2013.  Details for future Journey and Discoveries will be posted on our website.

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