Archive | March, 2017

Introducing Spanish in the Primary

By Lauren Hodges Maria Montessori created a strong foundation for primary education based upon the notion that children from infancy through the age six have absorbent minds. In early childhood, a child learns through real hands on experiences. Children during this time of development have a sensitive period for the acquisition of language. They take […]

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Language in the Primary Classroom

by Lydia Mirocha Before a child enters the primary classroom they have already begun the process of learning the language around them. From 0-6yrs. Children have an intrinsic sensitivity that draws them to learning the language they hear around them. In the Montessori primary environment we provide many activities on the spoken and written level […]

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Outdoor Time with Toddlers

By Melissa Wilcox For the Toddlers at the Lake Oswego Campus, our playground is nature. We are fortunate to have a wonderful enclosed garden filled with the natural wonders of Oregon. The children are welcomed to explore a wide variety of activities with all of their senses. The toddlers in our community enjoy outdoor time […]

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