Faculty and Staff

We are proud of our dedicated and talented team of faculty and staff who bring diverse backgrounds and experience to their work. Every West Hills guide is upholding Montessori principles by:

  • Protecting every child’s dignity
  • Guiding and nurturing, without imposing the adult will
  • Carefully preparing an environment built around the rituals and routines of a healthy learning community
  • Presenting lessons and activities that illuminate key concepts and lead to self discovery and growth
  • Demonstrating the interconnectedness of life by extending learning beyond the classroom and into nature, the larger community, and the world.
  • Allowing a large measure of liberty, within clearly defined and logical limits of behavior
  • Recognizing one’s own ongoing learning process and continuing to grow personally and professionally

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is the teacher training organization founded by Maria Montessori in order to maintain the highest standard of training and to protect the integrity of the work.  Every West Hills classroom is staffed with at least one AMI trained (and certified) teacher, as well as one assistant. Click to view Faculty and Staff Profiles for each program.

Administrative Team

Elementary Staff

Extended Care Staff

Primary Staff

Toddler Staff