Toddler Program – Lake Oswego

Mel1Melissa Wilcox, Toddler Guide (Lake Oswego)

Growing up in Oregon, and in Montessori, Melissa started her own early childhood education as a student at West Hills. Years later, she worked in a Toddler community in Idaho where she became inspired to pursue her own career working with young children.

Returning to Oregon, Melissa was excited to join the staff West Hills where she could explore her interest.  She then spent many subsequent years working in a variety of positions, including Primary Classroom Assistant, before and aftercare supervisor, and administrative and curriculum support person.

Melissa has always been a strong advocate of adding Toddlers to our Program, and we always knew she would play a role in establishing this new community.   When asked what she enjoys most about her work, she offers a quote from her son Keaton, age 4: “My mom helps the toddlers do it themselves.”

Melissa completed her AMI Toddler Training and certification in 2013 after a full year of practicum and mentorship with our previous Toddler guide, Dani Wood.