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The Lessons in Grace and Courtesy

by Stacy Coyle When you walk into a Montessori classroom there are many lessons that you can see on the shelves. However, some of the lessons the children receive are not a material on the shelf, but are in the social nature of existing in such a community. These components of a Montessori classroom and […]

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Parent – Teacher Conferences

by Allison Bjork Parent and Teacher Conferences are an important opportunity to share information regarding your child’s experience in the classroom. We, as guides, look forward to sharing our observations and goals with parents as well as gaining valuable information about your child’s home life. Your insights support our work with your child, and are […]

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Kely Hale

Three Tools of Responsibility in the Elementary Classroom

Kelly Hale joined our community in 2014. She is the Lower Elementary guide in the Cedar Room. Here, Kelly describes the Three Tools of Responsibility that support the elementary students developing independence and love of learning: Fostering a sense of independence is a common theme throughout all stages of Montessori education.   Dr. Maria Montessori developed […]

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Supporting Your Toddler’s Independence at Home

“Help me do it by myself!”  is the mantra of the Toddler. Our Montessori Toddler classroom environment and our outdoor garden spaces are uniquely prepared to meet the needs of toddlers who are enthusiastically acquiring new levels of independence every day. As they continually gain independence in self-care and in contributing to their communities at […]

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Conscious, Mindful, Playful Parenting with Jean Wright, MEd, LMT, LPC

Attention Vermont Street and Lake Oswego families — you’re  invited to enroll  our Spring Parenting Series! Conscious, Mindful, Playful Parenting with Jean Wright This small group setting provides one on one parenting consultation and guidance from our parenting expert, Jean Wright.  Discussion centers around the real-life situations that arise for you as a parent. Each session […]

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Montessori Elementary Curriculum and the Common Core Standards

Our Montessori approach to education differs significantly from traditional approaches in that ours is a time-proven tradition based upon the scientific study of how children learn.  With its 100 year record of success, our Elementary curriculum is richly integrated, diverse and dynamic, and it is research-based. In her book, Montessori: The Science behind the Genius, […]

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