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The Nature of Childhood

By Delila Olsson During a peewee soccer game, one tiny player stared up into the sky, his eyes intently following the path of an orange butterfly. The coach and many spectators loudly called his name, but the ball rolled right past him without notice. His attention was elsewhere …in nature. Children innately love nature. They […]

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Establishing the limits that lead to self-discipline

The word Discipline comes from the Latin root, disciplina (which comes from the root word disciple), which means instruction, knowledge. True discipline comes from within, and is developed through the experience of greater and greater levels of freedom.  A child who has learned to live within certain consistent limits will develop the ability to handle […]

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Talking with Children about Tragedy

Days following the random attacks at the Clackamas Town Center Mall last week, our nation listened in horror as news agencies reported the deaths of twenty children and six adults during a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. This act of unthinkable violence sent a shock wave of anxiety across the nation as […]

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