The Montessori Method & Philosophy

Montessori school education childWhen you choose to enroll your child in Montessori, you are choosing a unique and proven educational approach that is increasingly being validated by research and the real life stories of Montessori graduates around the world.

Once considered an experimental alternative to mainstream education, the Montessori Method has emerged as a veritable blueprint for student success.

According to a 2007 report on the American Workforce, conventional educational methods are missing the mark as far as preparing students to succeed in the 21st century.  The report underscores the need to teach children how to collaborate and problem solve, so that they can apply what they’ve learned and achieve greater success in the real world.

The Montessori approach addresses the development of the “whole person” by cultivating your child’s desire to learn, to explore, to share and to collaborate.  In Montessori, children learn responsibility and cooperation (teamwork) through real life classroom experiences, and they learn abstract thinking through hands-on exploration of concrete concepts.   Executive function skills in Montessori classrooms are the natural outgrowth of an approach that endeavors to produce conscious, compassionate, knowledgeable global citizens.

Objectives such as collaborative problem solving and the ability to apply conceptual learning in real life scenarios, are intrinsic to our Montessori approach. This may explain why, 100 years in, we’re continuing to get rave reviews about the success of our students.

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