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Modern research and empirical evidence proves what Montessori parents, teachers and alumni have known for decades:  Montessori children boast amazing success rates in school… and in life.

Following are links to News, Research and Articles on the benefits of a Montessori education.

The first article, titled The Montessori Mafia, discusses the findings of a recent study conducted by professors from Brigham Young University, which indicate that a disproportionate number of successful entrepreneurs are Montessori alumni.  The study underscores the importance of the executive functions such as problem solving and critical thinking skills, which children naturally develop in Montessori classes and which prepare them so well for long term success in school…and in life.  Peter Sims, The Wallstreet Journal, April 2011

Montessori Builds Innovators
By Andrew McAffee, Harvard Business Review (2011)

Is Montessori the Origin of Google & Amazon?
Forbes blog, by Steve Denning (2011)

Succeeding at their own pace
from The Boston Globe writer Alex Beam on the Montessori approach and its famous alumni.

Montessori Madness! (video)
by Montessori parent, Trevor Eisler. Video contrasts Montessori and conventional education. (2011)

Research Findings: The Montessori Method of Education
A summary of current research by Paul Epstein, Ph.D, Sept 2009

Our kids’ glorious new age of distraction
From Salon contributor Thomas Rogers (2008)

Montessori Education Provides Better Outcomes than Traditional Methods, Study Indicates

Will Wright Builds Toys that Build Worlds
SimCity creator credits his Montessori school experience with the creativity that characterizes his work. (2007)

Schools mark a century of pupil independence
by Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle (2007)

Montessori, Now 100, Goes Mainstream
By Jay Mathews, Washington Post Staff, January 2, 2007

Evaluating Montessori Education
By Angeline Lillard and Nicole Else-Quest, published in Science magazine, Sept 2006

Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius
By Angeline Lillard – link to her website with overview of book contents

Three Approaches from Europe: Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio-Emilia
By Carolyn Pope Edwards, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, published in Early Childhood Research and Practice

High School outcomes for students in a public Montessori program
Kathryn Rinskopf-Dorman et al, published in the Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Winter 2007

Madam Montessori
By Nancy Shute, Smithsonian magazine, September 2002

Constructivist and Montessorian Perspectives on student autonomy and freedom
Eva Dobozy, University of Notre Dame