Praise from Our Parents

Our parents have the opportunity to be involved in our school community. Contact us to find out more or keep an eye on our events calendar.


Genevieve Evarts

“All three of our children attended West Hills Montessori in Lake Oswego. Our experience was extremely positive, and we are so grateful to the teachers and staff for the wonderful investment they made in our kids’ early educational development. We saw incredible growth over the years they spent there (both in the toddler and primary classrooms). The environment was nurturing, well-organized, holistic, and cohesive, and provided a solid foundation for our kids’ social, emotional, and academic development. The diverse community of students and families we connected with continues to be a major part of our lives. Our children are thriving in their mainstream public elementary school, and we wholeheartedly recommend West Hills to anyone looking for an exceptional Montessori preschool for their children.”

Helen Steele

“West Hills Montessori has given my children the best start to life, one I never could have expected. I wish that I had been given the same experience as a child. They have grown up with values and integrity (and potty training), and they have learned to be leaders, to share, and to be independent. They have never been happier, and if I could keep them there until age 18 I would. The teachers are kind, loving and empathetic. They have exceeded my expectations in every way possible. It is not just about the academic aspect but also the emotional and social support. I am forever in debt to my children’s guides for the integrity and love they showed every day. What more could you want for a child in their most impressionable years?”

Alyssa and Ryan

“We love West Hills Montessori School! There are so many reasons! The teachers are highly-skilled, passionate, enthusiastic, patient, and caring. In our observations, the teachers go above and beyond to create a strong culture of belonging, a warm community, and a sense of wonder and excitement about the world for the students. The administration is professional, detail-oriented, organized, and accessible. We have appreciated their clear and timely communications to parents and their thoughtful approach generally. With the support of West Hills staff, both our kids have developed strong academic and emotional skills along with a love for school. As parents, we have learned a lot from West Hills too! West Hills has been an immense blessing for us and we highly recommend it to other families.”


Amanda Wilson

“My girls are able to demonstrate leadership, high emotional intelligence, deep cognitive academic understanding of core subjects, critical thinking, resiliency, continuous curiosity, and community building skills, which I attribute, in large part, to their experiences at West Hills.”


Dawn Rogers

“Our daughter has transitioned to middle school wonderfully. She is ahead in Reading and Composition compared to other students, and she has received all A’s in her classes. I believe this is due to Her Montessori education at West Hills.”

Jacob and Eden Goltry

“Our family has had the pleasure of sending both of our sons to West Hills Montessori School. The warmth of the community and the nurturing environment that is cultivated have been pivotal in creating a thriving love of learning in both of our children. We are forever grateful to the teachers and staff for their devotion to what we view as the most foundational years of our boys’ education and social-emotional development.”

Sara M

“We have enjoyed watching our child thrive over the years at West Hills Montessori. The guides and staff have all been responsive, kind, and accommodating. The Montessori philosophy itself has been a good fit for our family. Our child has enjoyed greater confidence with research, math, and spelling; made lifelong friends; and has strong connections with all the guides, past and present. We’ve enjoyed being a part of the school!”

Traci Shick

“West Hills Montessori is a joyful place where every child is seen, celebrated, and supported. The vibrant and loving atmosphere provides my children with a foundation for all aspects of their development, from fostering social and emotional growth to developing a love and appreciation for movement and music, theater and physical education, arts, science, and language.  Academically, my children are thriving and—perhaps most importantly— they have a wonderfully-nurtured curiosity and wonder for the world around them which will shape the rest of their lives. My children love to go to school school and they love to learn thanks to the extraordinary guides, staff, children, and community at West Hills Montessori!”
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