Modern research and empirical evidence proves what Montessori parents, teachers and alumni have known for decades:

Montessori children boast amazing success rates in school… and in life.

Montessori Organizations & Information

The following links are intended to provide parents with resources and information which may be useful and of interest. References to these resources do not constitute or imply an endorsement.  links to information about the book titled Montessori: the Science behind the Genius by Angeline S. Lillard, PhD.

The Montessori Institute NW   our regional AMI teacher training center in Portland, MINW offers rigorous, practical and in-depth Montessori education and teacher certification.

Montessori Madness a “Parent-to-Parent” argument for Montessori education.

Michael Olaf Montessori Company   offers Montessori-style toys, books, games, tools, music, and other educational and fun materials for children from birth to age twelve.

News, Research and Articles on the benefits of a Montessori education.

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Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

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