Our Montessori approach to education differs significantly from traditional approaches in that ours is a time-proven tradition based upon the scientific study of how children learn.  With its 100 year record of success, our Elementary curriculum is richly integrated, diverse and dynamic, and it is research-based.

In her book, Montessori: The Science behind the Genius, Dr. Angeline Stoll Lillard states, “no other single educational curriculum comes close to the Montessori curriculum in terms of its levels of depth, breadth, and interrelationship across time and topic.”

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) define baseline expectations for each grade level in English Language Arts and Mathematics, for publicly-funded schools.

While the CCSS focuses on students acquisition of basic academic skills, our Montessori approach is designed to take children beyond these basic skills and accomplishments, to develop the attributes that allow them to carry their learning forward and apply it to their broader experience in higher education and in life. Our Montessori Elementary program is designed to cultivate the development of these intangible qualities, sometimes described as Executive Functions, that prepare children to:

  • Think and act independently
  • Be accountable to their agreements
  • Manage their time effectively
  • Work collaboratively in groups
  • Discover and act upon their unique gifts and passions
  • Empathize and care for others and to experience social responsibility

By providing our students with a deep understanding of concepts through experiences with concrete materials,  leading them to further exploration through the dynamic scope and sequence of our Montessori Elementary curriculum, and assessing their progress at each step of the way, our approach not only meets but oftentimes greatly exceeds the standards set forth by the Common Core.

Mostly importantly, the Montessori approach uniquely prepares children to pursue their own path of learning in school, and to carry their passion forward in life.

Learn more about our measurable objectives in the Montessori Scope & Sequence as they align with the Common Core Standards, provided to us by the Association Montessori Internationale.

We also have copies of these alignments in printed form available in our parent lending library.